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Updates From Our Elders

June 2020

Dear Central Family,

The elders met again recently and would like to update our church family on where we are at and to some extent where we are going. First off, we would like to say thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement to us. We also are so thankful that the people of Central have been in prayer for leadership in our country and our church. We have heard many stories of Ministry Partners looking after others in our church family and larger community and it makes us so grateful to be part of our church family.

We have had some people question as to why we are not meeting as larger church body at the church in groups of up to fifty. We want to assure you that we as elders long to meet corporately and are looking at all possible ways to do this in due time. This is challenging considering we have a church of almost twelve hundred people at four different campuses. We are a diverse body of believers and while there are many different opinions on decisions that are being made in the public realm, we want to be a church that is unified under the One True King, Jesus. Practically this means we want to strive to be a church that is respectful to our elected officials, respectful to those in our church family that are at high health risk, while realizing God is sovereign and has a plan for our church and we need to seek His will for us. We would like to encourage you to meet in your Life Groups or get together with others you are in constant contact with during the week to form smaller groups that you can *do church* with on Sunday morning. We have already heard how many of you have been blessed getting together in small Sunday gatherings at people’s homes. If you long for that connection and are not in a Life Group, please reach out to us and we will help you connect with a group. 

As we continue to navigate the path forward as a church in these challenging times, we encourage you to reach out to any one of us elders if you have questions or need prayer or practical help. Unlike other years, the elders are going to continue meeting through the summer and hope to communicate as often and clearly as possible with you on changes that affect us as a church family.

+ for practical needs through “Help in the time of need”
+ for prayer – submit prayer requests
+ to join one of our “Life Groups”

Last month we indicated that the elder discernment team would resume it's work after an interruption due to covid19 safety protocols. 

The discernment team recommended Steel Lane to the elders as a worthy nominee. The elders approved him and so we are asking you, the Ministry Partners of Central, to prayerfully consider Steel becoming an elder. If you have any questions or concerns please contact pastor Matt or myself.

I would like to thank Daphne McRae and Pastor Matt for participating in this discernment with me.


Last month we updated you with the financial position of the church as of the end of April and I am writing today to update you to the end of May.  Last month we remained in a sizeable year to date operating deficit position of $93,990. That gap has closed to $48,066 as of the end of May. Giving remained only slightly lower than last year which we are grateful for, given the nature of what we are living through right now. Giving through the Central App, online, pre-authorized bank transfers, and cheque has been widely adopted.As elders, we are thankful to God to be surrounded by gracious and generous people whom we cherish worshipping God together with. Given our relatively stable financial position, we feel comfortable hiring back some of our key staff given there will be some additional work to do.  With the easing of some restrictions provincially and entering summer vacation time, we eagerly made the decision on Tuesday (16th) to end the layoff of several staff and reluctantly permanently dismissed several part-time support staff due to a lack of work for the foreseeable future.

Our hearts ache to meet together, share communion with you, and lift up the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ in unified song.  This heart ache is similar to our longing for our eternal home in heaven and I am reminded that earth is temporary and heaven is our home where we will worship God together forever.  Let’s make sure more people are there with us by sharing the good news of Jesus with our friends, family and neighbours.  Let’s pray in unity that God’s Holy Spirit move in people’s hearts to draw them to Himself.  Lastly, thank God for answered prayer to be able to, at least in part, bring back several staff members this month.

Missed out on the May 2020 Elder Update? You can view it here.

Have questions for the elders? You can email them to