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Sundays: 10:45 AM

Lead Pastor Matt Shantz

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46200 Stoneview Dr, Chilliwack, BC CA V2R 5W8

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Sundays: 10:30 AM

Pastor Jonathan Neufeld

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6800 Pioneer Ave, Agassiz, BC CA V0M 1A1

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Pastor Eldon Fehr

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Lake Errock

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Pastor Chris Battle

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    Dealing with Doubt
    04.13.18 | Faith | by Matt Shantz

    If you have doubts, you're not alone. You're in good company and among friends. What do we do when we have doubts? Here are some practical helps if you are dealing with doubts.

      #Mustreads 03/07/17
      03.07.17 | Faith | by Jessica Ross

      Must reads from around the inter webs. Wrestling With God // Pixels Are People // Our Mother Who Art In Heaven? // Called To Childlessness // Funny Commercial

        12.26.16 | Faith | by Matt Shantz

        A puritan by the name of Jonathan Edwards wrote the following resolutions in his diary over the course of his life and ministry. This is the time of year many of us make New Year's Resolutions. His may inspire you in making God-glorifying ones.

          Growing Childlike at Christmas
          12.19.16 | Faith | by Chris Ross

          As adults we are more tempted to see the world, not as a place of wonders, but as a predictable clock where nothing happens out of the ordinary. Perhaps this is why we love the Christmas story so much. It reminds us that we are still little...

            #MustReads 04/25/16
            04.25.16 | Faith | by Jessica Ross

            Must reads from around the inter webs. Toxic Masculinity // Call On God In Your Trouble // Backsliding // Singleness // Beautifully True

              #MustReads 04/05/16
              04.05.16 | Faith | by Jessica Ross

              Must reads from around the inter webs. A More Christlike God Review // Fairness And Faith // Ways To Wound Immature Christians // 18 Things To Pray For Your Church // Celebrity Nano-Impressions

                #MustReads 02/29/16
                02.29.16 | Faith | by Jessica Ross

                Must reads from around the inter webs. Why Church Is Important For Every Christian // The Art Of Propaganda Squads // Number One Predictor Of Divorce // Men Need To Be Transparent With Each Other // Authentic Devotion

                  FAQs: Baptism
                  01.08.16 | Faith | by Matt Shantz

                  FAQs is a blog series focusing on just that. BAPTISM is the focus of this instalment of Frequently Asked Questions.