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Our Plan for Phased Regathering at Central

    05.27.20 | Church Updates by Matt Shantz

    Updated: Friday, June 5th

    In order to affect a re-engagement of activities at Central, a return to ‘normal,’ the Elders have adopted a three-phased approach that will guide our interaction and path forward. While details will need to be determined in ‘real-time’ and may be activity-specific, the general principles of each phase will serve as a guide for activities and events.

    PHASE 1 – Possibility of Infection Remains Significant (Where We've Been)

    •  Worship Online – engaging individuals from various campuses
    •  Online Kids Ministry with meaningful mid-week activities
    •  Connect with Congregation by Phone – Seniors & At Risk, Congregation Connection (Elders)
    •  Help in Time of Need – Regional Response Teams
    •  Small Groups and Meetings via Zoom
    •  Life Groups engaging online
    •  Discipleship training online (secret church & other means)
    •  Limited office availability including restricted access to the general public
    •  Small Funerals & Weddings
    •  10 people or less
    •  Proper social distancing (2-metre rule)
    •  Masks to protect the most vulnerable

    Ministry Continues:
    •  Needs are being met – people being fed, care being provided
    •  People connected and cared for on a regular basis
    •  Gospel is being proclaimed

    PHASE 2
    – Infection Rates Decline & Meeting Rules are Lifted (Where We're Going)

    •  Permissible to gather in groups up to 50 with precautions in place:

    Social Distancing Critical
    •  Enter one door, exit another - Directional arrows
    •  Children remain with parents under close supervision
    •  No mingling or social interaction
    •  Washrooms limited access (number of people) between cleaning
    •  Regular use of hand sanitizer or hand washing
    No Public Singing (high risk activity for spread of COVID)
    Personal protection equipment (PPE masks & gloves) strongly recommended
    No touching - people or things (offering plate, bulletin)

    •  Online Services continue to provide for most the vulnerable & meet community needs
    •  Increased building use including office access - public access with safeguards in place

    •  Rigorous cleaning regimen – Time between events to clean using:

    •  On-site cleaning crew
    •  Sanitation regimen for high touch areas (door handles, surfaces, washrooms)

    •  Multiple groups of 50 are permitted in a single building provided the following precautions are in place:

    •  Separate venue for each group with separate entrance for each group
    •  Directional hallways
    •  Social distancing measures in place (2 metres between individuals, except immediate family members)
    •  Multiple sanitizer stations available
    •  Separate washrooms for each group, with washrooms cleaned after each use. Monitoring suggested to ensure proper sanitization.
    •  Thorough sanitation of meeting space between group use, with ample time between events.
    •  Homogeneous groups (same people for each group each time they meet) – no mingling of groups.
    •  Detailed record of people attending for follow up in the event of an outbreak.
    •  Children to remain with parents.
    •  Preferred meeting space should be outside or ample ventilation if inside.
    •  Masks strongly recommended
    •  No singing

    •  Life Groups of up to 15 are permissible with the following precautions:

    •  Outdoor meeting is preferred
    •  Indoor meetings require social distancing with proper spacing
    •  Homogeneous groups (no rotation of people) with detailed record of people attending

    •  Singing outside permissible but not recommended. If done use masks and increase distancing
    •  Children to remain with parents
    •  Dedicated washroom space that is cleaned between use

    Ministries that will not continue during this phase:
    •  No coffee or social gatherings over food
    •  No Sunday School or Kids Ministry (impossible/Improbable social distancing)
    •  No Congregational singing (provide instrumental music only) – sing at home

    Other Considerations:
    •  Opening Campuses Again – small scale for small groups
    •  Return of some Ministry Staff
    •  Increased care and personal visits with proper distancing measures and PPE

    PHASE 2.5 – Restrictions Lifted but Not Removed (Gathering Size Increased)

    FLEXING WITH FREEDOM - Amending the plan based on changing parameters
    •  Increase the size of gathering
    •  Reintroduce pastoral visits to hospitals and care homes – engaged care team
    •  Reintroduce Kids ministry

    PHASE 3 – Widely Available Vaccine, Herd Immunity (12-24 months)

    •  Larger church gatherings
    •  Reintroduce Communion
    •  Congregational singing & connections
    •  Large group Kid Min gatherings
    •  Life Group and Ministry events
    •  In-Person Visitation
    •  Coffee and social gatherings (in MB vernacular = Food)

    Embrace the Gift of COVID:
    •  Develop and engage Response Team as first-line care responders – Care ministry
    •  Consider some form of online presence to reach those who don’t normally attend & housebound
    •  Consider some form of online meetings (staff, Elders, or some Life Groups)
    •  Consider continued theological training online (bible study, prayer groups, Secret Church)