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Happy To Be His Helper

    10.17.16 | Womanhood Marriage by Jessica Ross

    But for Adam there was not found a helper fit for him. ~ Genesis 2:20

    There Adam was, just him and the animals. Although he had just finished giving them all names – he was still alone. So God took pity on him and created a second-tier human fit to make him meals, give him sexual pleasures and also clean up after him. Now he wouldn’t be lonely anymore or have to take care of himself at all. How generous of God to do this for His favourite gender. The male.

    Nope, it didn’t unfold that way. But is this how the text is read in your mind?

    I can only imagine it’s how many females read it. But it does beg the question, were women really created for the singular purpose of “helping” the man? And what does that mean for us now?

    “Helper” in Hebrew is a tricky word to translate. But it is used however in many other verses all throughout Scripture. And you may be surprised to know that it’s used frequently to describe God. Here is just one example.

    Our soul waits for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. ~ Psalm 22:20

    The Lord is our helper. He is of course so much more than just that. But none-the-less helper is an attribute of a great God. He assists us in times of trouble. He’s who we cry out to when were in deep need of His aid. And we wait for Him for He is our resplendent and magnificent help.

    “Helper” does not just or only mean cooking, cleaning or pleasuring. It is a jam-packed word that is so much more than those things. It is a missional assignment to help make the glory of God known.

    ""Helper" a missional assignment to help make the glory of God known."

    This responsibility that is placed on the woman is an example of our being created in God’s image (imago dei). He is our helper, which we then represent to the larger world. Which doesn’t make us lesser, or prove God’s favouritism to the man. If it’s an attribute noble enough for God Himself, then it is also noble enough for me.

    Who am I to complain about this Godly role?

    Helping my husband is a tall order. One that I am honoured to fulfill. But it doesn’t end there. Because if my husband leaves this earth tomorrow, my identity doesn’t leave with him. And if you are single, this still applies to you also. There is so much work that needs to be done and women ought to be the best helpers in bringing about God’s love, peace and justice in the world.

    We must never stop helping to bring His Kingdom come.

    So I’m taking back the word. I’m ripping off the prideful offense and wearing it proudly. For it is a divine word, noble enough for God Himself.

    I’m happy and humbled to be my husband’s helper. And I hope you are too.

    "I’m happy and humbled to be my husband’s helper. And I hope you are too."

    Jessica Ross is married to Chris (our Children & Family Pastor), and they have two children. This post originally appeared on her blog, hisgracemygrowth: my thoughts and realizations about life as a Christian wife and mother.