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10 Ways To Spread The Love Of Jesus This Christmas

    12.05.16 | Generosity Community Advent Outreach by Matt Shantz

    Christmas is the time of year that Canadians are most open to Jesus, the gospel, and the church. Here are a number of ideas that might help you spread the love of Jesus to those around you this advent season (excerpt from the Advent Guide).

    This is not meant to be an exhaustive list but simply a list of ideas. Pray, consider, plan, and practice something or multiple things that bless those around you this Christmas. Consider what you, your family, and your Life Group can do to spread the love of Jesus this Christmas season:

    1. Adopt a Family
    Is there a family that could benefit from a food hamper and turkey dinner this Christmas? Whether on your own, as a family, or a Life Group, this is a way to show a family in need what Christmas is truly about.

    2. Advent Candle Lighting
    The lighting of advent candles is a wonderful way to bring the family together and anticipate the incarnation together each week. Maybe this is the year to invite those who don’t know Jesus to join your family for this little tradition, whether it be the same individual(s) every week or different ones each time. Have a short Bible reading on the advent themes (hope, love, joy, peace), followed by a time of prayer, thanking God for sending His Son Jesus.

    3. Backpacks of Hope
    Fill a backpack…or two…or three provided at our Advent services and bring it back stocked with items on the list. We are donating the contents to students in need at the Ed Centre and Cyrus Centre.

    4. Carolling
    Whether it be at a retirement home, assisted living, hospital, or hospice, call to see if you can bring a group to sing carols to seniors and those who are sick this Christmas season.

    5. Christmas Baking
    Get out the red and green sprinkles and do some Christmas baking. Deliver them to your neighbours. They’ll be glad to have you in the neighbourhood and it will give you opportunity to bless them and get to know them more.

    6. Christmas Dinner Guests
    Is there anyone you know who might be spending Christmas alone this year? Who could you invite to join you around the table for Christmas dinner?

    7. Christmas Eve Services
    Our Christmas Eve services are always a great opportunity to bring those in our lives to church. These one-hour services are filled with carols, children, and a brief Christmas message. Most people get involved in church because of being invited by a friend. Many people are more open than ever at Christmas. Chilliwack: 3:30, 4:45 & 6pm. Agassiz: 5pm.

    8. Give Christmas Gifts to Your Service Providers
    Bless your mail carrier, sanitation worker, doctor, teacher, etc. with a Christmas gift.

    9. Host a Block Party
    Invite the neighbours for a Christmas block party. Hot chocolate, baking, and a few games for the kids is all it will take to have your neighbourhood enjoying the season together and building relationship.

    10. Shovel Snow
    If it snows over the holidays, skip the gym and shovel your neighbours’ driveways and sidewalks. Make those washboard abs useful.

    Ultimately, lets do all we can to help others discover the greatest wonder of all this Christmas. And help others discover Jesus as their great rescue and hope.

    "Let every heart prepare Him room."