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Sep 02, 2018

We Must See Jesus!

We Must See Jesus!

Passage: Hebrews 2:9

Speaker: Guest Speaker

Series: Stand Alone

Category: Missions, Church, Jesus

Keywords: church, jesus, jesús, missions

As we look across the Canadian sociological and religious landscape, there is much that is greatly concerning to us as followers of Christ. In talking about the need for personal and corporate awakening, the need for new churches to be planted and dying church to be revived, we need to be reminded of and refocused on the person and the work of Jesus! More than anything else, we need a clear vision of Jesus Christ exalted to the Father’s side, ruling and reigning over the events of our day. The promise of scripture is that King Jesus will indeed have dominion from sea to sea, and our hearts cry should be, “O Father, Let us see Jesus!” The letter to the Hebrews (more than any other New Testament letter) gives us a clear vision of our exalted King. May our eyes be lifted, our hearts stirred, and our hope galvanized as we see our King!