Work & Rest

Work & Rest

How do you view your work? As your identity? As a necessary evil? As something inherently bad or inherently good? Roughly 50% of your waking hours on a work day are dedicated to it (more than that if you’re a parent of young children…or own a smart phone). Do you understand the connection between your work and your faith? How does God view work? What does the Bible teach us about work?

How about that ever elusive thing called Rest? How's the whole work and rest balance going for you? Do you ever truly rest? What does that look like? Is Sabbath still a thing?

Welcome to sermon series on WORK & REST. Weeks 1 + 2 help us discover how to approach Work Christianly, while Weeks 3 + 4 help us explore Rest through the teachings of Jesus.

Ultimately, we cannot understand work and rest rightly without believing in the finished work of Jesus on the cross and that He Himself is our rest.