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    Good Work

    08.16.17 | Culture, Purpose, Work | by Matt Shantz

    How should Christians approach work? Christians are meant to be distinct, right? A counter-culture? Salt and light? What does that look like when it comes to our labour? What we’re after is a theology of Work.

      Leadership & Preaching Labs

      07.20.17 | Updates | by Matt Shantz

      Building into our present and future leaders at Central is going to be a major emphasis of ours this coming year. A couple of the ways that we’re approaching this is through our Leadership Lab and our Preaching Lab. 

        New Campuses

        04.24.17 | Updates | by Matt Shantz

        Central is a church that exists to be authentic followers of Jesus who lead others to follow Him with campuses in Chilliwack & Agassiz and soon in Promontory & Lake Errock. Why planting? Why multisite?


          12.26.16 | Faith, Discipleship, Purpose, Growth | by Matt Shantz

          A puritan by the name of Jonathan Edwards wrote the following resolutions in his diary over the course of his life and ministry. This is the time of year many of us make New Year's Resolutions. His may inspire you in making God-glorifying ones.