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    Women's Summer Reading List!

    07.23.18 | Spiritual Growth | by Jessica Ross

    I know, I know, this is kinda late and the summer is almost half over. But lets face it, none of us actually get through the pile of books we brashly claim we'll read in two months. So although this is called a Summer Reading List...its more like...

      Mother's Day Amidst The Flames

      05.11.18 | Motherhood | by Jessica Ross

      Motherhood by its very nature lives and grows right down deep in the flames. Sometimes those flames scorch and scar…and sometimes they are licks of loving warmth. Pastor Jessica reflects on Motherhood and Mother's Day on the blog.

        When Sin Gathers, So Must Love

        05.04.17 | Love, Sin, Church | by Jessica Ross

        When we congregate on Sunday, so do our sins. Big and small, hidden or obvious, smooth and colorful – our sin piles one on top of the other. Cumbersome and excessive. But there’s an antidote to this ample weight…and that’s love.