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    Above and Beyond

    09.13.17 | Updates | by Guest Post

    Above and Beyond Campaign: A Fall Update from the Elders and Stewardship Team. We are seeking to raise an additional $200,000 this year to fund the planting and revitalizing of church campuses in the eastern Fraser Valley.

      Speak A True Word

      09.12.17 | Love, Grace, Truth, Compassion | by Guest Post

      I believe our words change things. What we call down on others can be loosed in heaven. Our words can cause eternal activity, things that change the course of history, and I don’t want to waste time with anything that will damage for a day, much...

        A New Look at an Old Tradition

        05.13.17 | Theology | by Guest Post

        A long-standing evangelical tradition, often perpetuated in communion services, alludes to the bread as representing the “broken body” of Jesus at his crucifixion. This post examines three conflicts with that interpretation.