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    Let's Pray

    09.10.18 | Prayer, Updates, Revival | by Matt Shantz

    If you struggle with prayer you are not alone. The majority of Jesus-followers struggle with prayer. And yet, find any great move of God in history and you can trace it back to faithful servants of Christ, desperate and fervent in prayer. We want...

      Women's Summer Reading List!

      07.23.18 | Spiritual Growth | by Jessica Ross

      I know, I know, this is kinda late and the summer is almost half over. But lets face it, none of us actually get through the pile of books we brashly claim we'll read in two months. So although this is called a Summer Reading List...its more like...

        Cannabis and the Christian

        06.27.18 | Culture | by Matt Shantz

        With the legalization of marijuana in Canada, what should be the relationship between cannabis and the Christian, weed and the Word, marijuana and the Messiah? Ok...enough. Let's get to it.

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