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    Good Work

    08.16.17 | Culture, Purpose, Work | by Matt Shantz

    How should Christians approach work? Christians are meant to be distinct, right? A counter-culture? Salt and light? What does that look like when it comes to our labour? What we’re after is a theology of Work.

      Leadership & Preaching Labs

      07.20.17 | Updates | by Matt Shantz

      Building into our present and future leaders at Central is going to be a major emphasis of ours this coming year. A couple of the ways that we’re approaching this is through our Leadership Lab and our Preaching Lab. 

        A New Look at an Old Tradition

        05.13.17 | Theology | by Guest Post

        A long-standing evangelical tradition, often perpetuated in communion services, alludes to the bread as representing the “broken body” of Jesus at his crucifixion. This post examines three conflicts with that interpretation.

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