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    Joseph and Jesus: Sovereign Suffering

    08.18.14 | by Matt Shantz

    This week I preached the final sermon in our summer sermon series entitled, Joseph: And The Gospel Of Many Colours. Genesis 49-50, the final chapters in the wonderful book of Genesis concludes with the powerful statement by Joseph, “you meant...

      Recommended Reading (Part 2)

      07.30.14 | by Matt Shantz

      Click Recommended Reading Part 1 to view book recommendations on Bible Study, Church History, Exploring Christianity & Questions of Faith, and Spiritual Formation & Discipleship. This time around I would like to recommend excellent...

        Recommended Reading (Part 1)

        07.23.14 | by Matt Shantz

        Remember the days when things were read that were more than 150 characters long? Those were the days! If you are an avid reader, have the desire to pick up a quality book for the first time in a while, or just might allow your interest to be...

          Holy Ground

          07.02.14 | by Garry Janzen

          I have been parked in Exodus for a bit, looking at the life of Moses. Exodus 2 tells us about his birth, his growing up years in Egypt and then Moses fleeing into the wilderness. Exodus 3:1-5 is where we find Moses tending his father-in-laws sheep.