Leadership Lab


Are you are a leader at Central or interested in leading in some capacity at Central? Our goal is to equip you with the ministry tools to lead well. So we invite you to participate in our monthly LEADERSHIP LAB. 

We will be hosting six Leadership Labs this year (Sep, Oct, Jan, Feb), geared towards supplying leaders in the church with the ministry tools to lead well. 

We see our Life Group leaders, worship leaders, youth leaders, men’s ministry & women’s ministry leaders, community care team, Sunday morning prayer team, and children’s large group leaders as core leaders in our church. By investing in our leaders well, our entire church will be well served. 

We call it a lab because the first portion of the session will be information giving while the latter portion will be information implementing. Each evening will consist of a different theme such as: How To Study The Bible. The back half of the lab will get participants working on How To Lead A Bible Study in light of that. A session on Providing Gospel Care & Council will see participants applying that content in conversational scenarios in the latter part. 

Other topics for the Leadership Lab we are planning for this coming year include: Developing and Multiplying Leaders; Evangelism; Answers to Common/Difficult Questions; Worldview TrainingDiscipling Those Younger in the Faith; and The Doctrine of the Church.

Our next Leadership Lab will be taking place September 2018.