Child Dedication

Parents are the most important faith influence in the life of a child.  The home is the primary place where faith is to be nurtured and the church becomes a lifelong partner in equipping parents to pass on their faith to their child.

If you would like to have your child dedicated at our next Child Dedication Service register for our Child Dedication Class. **Please ignore the automatic response to your registration, which thanks you for your payment. Unfortunately, the automatic response can not be edited to reflect that you are not making a payment.

What Is A Child Dedication?

 * A celebration of worship and thanksgiving.
 * A recognition that your child is a gift from God.  
 * A realization of the parent’s responsibility to provide spiritual teaching, as well as, physical and emotional care.
 * A commitment to live and model the Christian faith and to be faithful in participating in the life of your church.
 * Calling upon your church family to support and encourage you in your family’s spiritual growth.
 * A public confession of your commitment to the Lordship of Jesus.

Why Participate In Child Dedication?

 *   It is a public commitment from parents to raise their child in a home dedicated to God and to be intentional in teaching them about Jesus.
 * It is in keeping with Biblical teaching and follows the Old Testament example of Samuel and the New Testament example of Jesus’ dedication.
 * It can be very meaningful down the road, when your child is old enough to make his or her own decision about following Christ, to know this was their parent’s prayer from the beginning.

What Is The Child Dedication Process?

 *  Parents interested in having their child dedicated should indicate their desire to a member of the pastoral team and discuss the matter with them.
 * Once a service date is chosen parents must send the full name, birth date and a picture of their child to the office a week prior to the dedication service date.  The picture will be posted on the screen in the sanctuary during the service.  ( )
 * Child dedication takes place as a celebration for the whole church during a Sunday worship service.
 * Generally, the pastor will read a dedication statement and ask the parents and congregation several questions.
 * Parents are encouraged to choose a life verse for their child that they are asked to read at the time of dedication.
 * The dedication ceremony is concluded with a prayer of dedication and blessing.
 * Please be on time for the service in which you are taking part and sit in a spot where you can go to the front easily at the appropriate time.

Please use the form below to register for child dedication:

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NEXT CLASS: Wednesday, January 30th. 6.00PM - 7.15PM. Chilliwack Campus